Live Slow Ride Fast - Unbound Rebound

A late morning in the last week of May.


Time crunched on deadlines, planning a home rebuild and training for the Rebound Gravel event. The phone rang and a familiair name popped up on the screen. A household name for many cyclists and fans of inspiring cycling content. Stefan Bolt calling...


Part of the LIVE SLOW RIDE FAST crew, known for their cycling podcasts, great film documentaries and cycling apparel. Besides all that, the LSRF team are the masterminds behind the UNBOUND/ REBOUND gravel event.


Stefan and I had discussed film work in a prior conversation but never met or worked together since so this call came totally out of the blue. The question was short. The answer shorter!

If I was willing to film the dutch segment of the upcoming UNBOUND/ REBOUND cycling film? YES!!! YES!!! Dis I say YES!!! already?


A few days later I found myself hanging out of the back of my car shooting a 320 kilometer gravel adventure.


Erik Hoekendijk, another listener of the Live Slow Ride Fast podcast and a very talented photographer was my driver for the day. We were in for a fun and challenging day. Trying to stay ahead of the riders and being on time at the locations we had picked to shoot.


With a 05:00am start and a finish estimated around 18:30pm this was a long day on paper but, just like in the endurance race in motorsport, it was over before we knew it. I am curious if the riders felt the same?

Now it is time to find out. The Unbound/ Rebound film is live on Live Slow Ride Fast YouTube channel.


As I turned over all my material on the same day, I did not have a chance to review and filter the shots and see the result.  I am just as curious to see the film as you might be.


5 rider, 5 countries, 200 miles... Let's Go!


Photo Credit: Erik Hoekendijk