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curb (US English), or kerb (UK English), is the edge where a raised pavement/sidewalk/footpathroad median/central reservation, or road shoulder/hard shoulder meets an unraised street or other roadway.


My name is Mathieu van den Oever. By having ridden a skateboard for over 20 years my perspective on ordinary daily objects has been heavily influenced. Skateboarders see options and possibilities where others do not. On the street the opportunities are endless. On the race track; a driver needs to make the best possible use of the curb stones to optimize speed, perfect lap times and to overtake. My activities in both sports led to the name of Curb Creative Services and I incorporate all these experiences into the projects of Curb. 


4 wheels, 2 trucks, 1 deck. How simple can it be. The skateboard however would become a major game changer in my life. It introduced me to art, photography, film, travel, great music and most of all; a big community of like minded creatives. By being constantly inspired and feeling a strong passion to create, I got many opportunity to travel the world as a visual merchandiser, photographer and filmer.

I have worked for brands as IKEA, NIKE and Riviera Maison but always felt there was more to do. This led to many motorsport adventures and finally my own business: Curb Creative Services. Aiming to visualize my customers stories right.


Never settle, always inspire!


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