Ongehoord x Nikki Nair

Ongehoord is a monthly rave that attracts a diverse crowd. The organization acts a solicitor and unifier in the electric music scene in the northern Netherlands. Whilst combining different genres and therefor people from different upbringings and cultures, the Ongehoord team aims at a greater goal for it's events.

With a big diversity of national and international guest DJ's playing at it's raves, backed up with the finest VJ's that the city of Groningen has to offer, the Ongehoord crew will ensure to blow the roof of any venue.


With Atlanta based DJ/ Producer Nikki Nair coming over to host a night at Ongehoord it was time to create a short after movie to promote other upcoming events of the organization and to showcase the positive vibe and good times during these performances.


CURB gladly accepted the challenge to create a one minute promo and some Instagram Reels.


A big shout out to Nikki Nair to provide the music for this clip and to VJ Wendy Eggen for some of the parties visuals to use in the edit.


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