MIJOY Fusion Restaurant

Fun, delicious and inspiring. Three words that describe the photoshoot at the recently opened MIJOY fusion restaurant. With a fresh & vibrant interior and a varied menu inspired by the delicious Asian cuisine, this was a perfect photography setting to support MIJOY in their need for content.

Sportel Studios, the creator of MIJOY's website, reached out to CURB to help fulfill the wish of the restaurants owners; to create photo's that showcase the atmosphere of the venue along with images that would inspire the customers to come and try out the many options the menu has to offer.

In between the shots we got several opportunities to taste some of the dishes served and experience

the big variety of flavors that go into creating these dishes. The amazing taste and beautiful lay-outs on the plates truly inspire another trip to MIJOY, even without a camera. The photo's created during the day can now be seen on MIJOY's website and social media accounts.


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