Jack Ultra Cyclist - From the Insight Out

Jack Thompson is an Australian athlete who defies the limits of Ultra Cycling. His focus is in completing extreme challenges that push the envelope of what is humanly possible on a bike, both from a mental and physical point of view. Each and every challenge undertaken by Jack has been captured on camera and released into the world in the form of documentary films. 

Jack has toured his films and spoken at events around the world to share his story, in particular how he was able to overcome depression and mental health disorders, using the bike as his medicine.


Jack's major goal for 2020:  to break the Guinness World Record for the most amount of kilometers ridden on a bike in a seven day period. To tell the story of this inspiring quest, CURB was asked to create a documentary both showing the event as it unfolds as well as an underlaying message about the mental health issues that Jack is facing. This to motivate people who also suffer from mental health issues to seek help and to get the message "it's OK to not be OK" across.


Besides filming and story telling duties Curb also provided the film teasers, photo's and a diversity of social media content for both Jack as his sponsors.

“I engaged Matt to undertake a 168hr, non-stop shoot in which I looked to break the 7 day, most kilometers ridden world record. Matt performed like an absolute professional, going over and beyond the original job description to produce an amazing documentary that has since had 40,000+ views on YouTube and no doubt gone a long way in helping to grow my brand.


Matt is incredibly user friendly and offers fantastic service in all areas. In addition to the film component of this project, Matt shot imagery that was used by brand sponsors with 1 million+ followers. Turn around on finished product was fast and to the highest quality. I look forward to using Matt on my next project and can’t recommend him highly enough to others who are looking for a high end, bespoke service.”


Jack Thompson

Velocio Apparel, Jack's clothing sponsor, asked CURB to deliver a three minute short film featuring both the Velocio Concept Range that Jack was wearing as well as the world record attempt itself. With the companies values in mind, the film, several film teasers and photo's for Velocio's media outlets were created.


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