I.L. Motorsport - Diverse Brand Content

CURB has a long lasting relationship with the German Mazda MX-5 Specialist I.L. Motorsport. Dating back to the first season of the Dutch Mazda MaX5 Cup back in 2008. First starting off with motorsport photography for the team, the work expanded quickly over the years to come. Creating various sorts of social media content for for both I.L. Motorsport as well as its American and Japanese partners Tomei Powered and Ken Auto.


From basic calendars, to motorsport vlogs, product video's and social media management, the services CURB provides are diverse and encouraging customers to get involved with the brand and it's products.


To find more more work created for the brand check the YouTube channel from I.L. Motorsport and its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Aiming to showcase more inspiring videos than the straight forward bolt off, bolt on method of showing new car parts, the aim for the I.L. Motorsport videos is to create a fun atmosphere where customers can see the ease of installation mixed with functional action shots in various relatable environments.

Besides the regular content creation CURB joined forces with the I.L. Motorsport Racing team in 2019 to film several events of the new Mazda MX-5 Championship. A spin off from the MaX5 Racing series with the newest model MX-5. Together with championship contender Andras Kiraly we created vlogs of the build up towards the first races as well as several rounds from the championship. 

A short introduction video for an armrest pad for the MK4 generation of the Mazda MX-5. I.L. Motorsport provided these images and requested CURB to create content with these images for social media.

A fun intro for I.L. Motorsports 2022 Halloween discount voucher. This video was not commissioned but a spontaneous activity on a Saturday night after o product shoot and some pizza.  


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