Equipe Girona Guesthouse

In 2019 we started Equipe our premium guesthouse in Girona spain and to create traffic and a good impression of our house for potential (cycling) guests we asked Curb to come visit us.

Curb images made two excellent videos. One short for instagram use and one longer that we use in presentations and proposals to our potential guests. A mix of indoor shots, outdoor and drone. Results and response have been very good, with the Instagram video even being reposted by some important influencers in cycling. In presentations and proposals response to longer video has been very positive. "I already want to visit" to "oh I love it" 

Besides the video some very nice pictures were made that we frequently use in our campaigns. 

Content is key and we have been very happy with this content.


Mick Hoogwerf, Equipe Girona


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