De Bigondier - Du Muerte Wines

This was one of the fun and challenging projects of the recent winter. Especially as I got total creative control, a few amazingly inspiring bottles and I could let my imagination do the rest of the work.


Erwin Dragt over at De Bigondier reached out to CURB with the request to supply him with a variety of images showcasing a new brand of wine he added to his already delicious assortment. The Spanish "Winery on Creations" are the masterminds behind the passionately created Demuerte brand. The wines are both daring in taste and visual attractive. Enough reason to see in what ways I could create different settings to showcase the wines for fall, winter and the holidays. Game on!

To capture both the outdoor winter feeling as well as some festive images I shot the bottles over several days with both natural light as added lighting and props to create different stories and options for De Bigondier to choose from.


Since these images were created for De Bigondier several other wine distributors and the team at Demuerte have reached out with a request to use the images on their own social media outlets and campaigns.


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