De Bigondier x Dennis Werner

As a passionate cook and lover of all things wine and BBQ. Erwin Dragt from De Bigondier is out on a mission to serve you with great, globally curated, wines, coffee bean's and BBQ accessories.

Along with the mouthwatering recipes that Erwin provides on his website, to accompany the tastes and flavors of his wines, he is truly on a mission to serve you with the best food experience possible.


To set the tone for both the website as well as the various social media outlets of De Bigondier, Erwin approached CURB to help create content of his products, recipes and cooking skills. As a backdrop for the shoot, the CURB farmhouse was used to create an outdoor cooking environment. 


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Like with all good things in life, they are best enjoyed with friends and family. Along with the shoot for De Bigondier, Dennis Werner tagged in on al the fun. Dennis, a food designer, recipe writer and former chef is also well known cook in the BBQ world. Besides his personal BBQ, cooking and related social media projects, Dennis also works at SAUS GURU where he hosts events, demo's and has his say in various tasks that create the perfect sauce.


With the backup of several major outdoor cooking companies Dennis likes to stir it up on both Instagram as well as live events through out Europe. To showcase his and his sponsors skills CURB added it's own flavor by creating the needed content to show the stories that Dennis wants to tell.


The content created for both Erwin and Dennis has already been used by the likes of The Oakridge Winery, Traeger Europe, Dumuerte Wines, Petromax and Saus Guru to name a few.


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